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Snake (Smash Bros. - "Subspace Emissary")


Series: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Appearance: Snake is a tall man, over six feet tall, and solidly built besides. His lean, muscular frame is contained by a grey Sneaking Suit and belts of equipment strapped to his waist and chest. He wears a green bandanna on his brow always, and his hair is rather wild and untamed, growing out further in the back down his neck. His face, rough and hewn from years of battle, is unshaven, with a permanent beard growing. He has green eyes that glare out from under the edge of his bandana, and his expression is that of a constantly calm demeanor.

Personality: Snake is hard to rattle. He is cool and collected, with little else but his sardonic sense of humor to show he has any other emotions besides 'blank'. Despite this, he honestly enjoys fighting, as all Smashers do. Few things excite him more than facing off against new and powerful opponents on the field of battle.

Snake is also a bit of a 'womanizer', though the term is only loosely applied to him. When he wants to, he can be quite a flirt, with a sharp wit and a quick sense of humor when he's not busy in combat or preoccupied with infiltrating a stronghold or airship.

Abilities/Strengths: Snake is a heavyweight powerhouse. His punches and kicks pack a heavy wallop behind them, and he's an expert at choke-holds, sneaking, and stealth. However, his true strength lies in his charged abilities and special attacks. Snake's basic special is to fling a hand grenade. After a few seconds, it explodes, dealing a healthy amount of damage to any caught in the blast. Snake can also launch guided rockets from his Nikita rocket launcher, controlling their movement until they run out of fuel or until they hit a target. However, Snake can't fight back while controlling the Nikita, though he can stop controlling it sooner than normal to fight back. Another special technique of his is to place C4 charges on the ground or any surface he can touch. He then detonates it remotely with a switch in his hand. Sometimes, instead of placing C4, he will place a shape charge in the shape of a butterfly, called a C3 charge. The damage it inflicts doesn't change, but it is embarrassing for Snake whenever he pulls one out.

His close range attacks are also linked to explosives. Snake place a mine in the ground, digging deeper to plant a more powerful explosive. If someone crosses over it, it will explode, inflicting much damage. This Smasher also has access to a mortar tube, that he'll use to launch ordnance straight above him. When it comes down, depending on how high he launched it, it does a mild to intense amount of damage. Finally, Snake takes the Nikita he normally guides, and aims it diagonally at the ground before him, launching it straight into the ground. With the exception of his grenades, the C4, and the mine, Snake is completely immune to the effects of his explosives.

Snake, being a Smasher, also has other, less believable abilities to better enable him to fight his enemies. He can cross his arms before him, forming a translucent red sphere around himself. This sphere, while formed, is a shield, that prevents Snake from being harmed, and as long as it is present, he cannot be harmed. However, the shield shrinks with each blow, and as time passes, as well. While using it, Snake cannot attack, and if the shield should break, or pop, Snake is stunned for several seconds. Even if he uses the shield effectively to absorb blows, it takes a while to recharge back to full strength.

Snake can also fly!... sort of. He can pull (from nowhere, much like all his other items) a Cypher air reconnaissance device and ride up with it for a while. Eventually, he has to let go, but he can attack as he comes down. Snake also has impressive endurance and durability, enabling him to make several story jumps and land on his feet without missing a beat or suffering any injury. Finally, while using his shield, Snake can roll, avoiding attacks. He can't fight back like this, but this roll-dodge technique of his allows him to step out of range, or avoid the brunt of, almost any attack.

Weaknesses: Snake is slow and ponderous much of the time. The same heavyweight status that gives him such immense power is the same status that makes him little more than a walking punching bag against faster, lighter characters. Though his attacks are powerful, they also require a great deal of finesse to utilize well. Guiding the Nikita leaves him completely vulnerable, and so Snake must try and find a location where no one will be able to strike him, interrupting his control. As previously stated, Snake is not immune to the results of his grenades, C4, or mines. His grenades can therefore be caught and flung back at him, and he can set off the mines and C4 himself while being too near them, injuring himself.

Snake's physical blows are, in contrast to his slow movement, swift in addition to being powerful. However, he has little to no ability to string them together, leaving him unable to make powerful combination attacks, and unable to mete out the kinds of damage from his hands and feet alone that most Smashers can. Still, this is supplemented by his powerful, tactically functional weapons.

Notable Possessions: Snake possesses a seemingly endless supply of rockets, mines, C4 charges, grenades, mortar shells, and Cyphers. His trophy form also has many stickers on the bottom base, increasing his strength, agility, and endurance. He has multitudes of cardboard boxes to hide in, all labeled "SMASH BROS" and possessing the Smash Bros. logo on the side. He also carries an H&K .45 sidearm on his right leg that he never uses, though no one knows why this is, and he never speaks of it.

History: Very little is known about Snake prior to the Subspace incident. Snake had stowed away somewhere on the Halberd, Meta Knight's stolen airship, hiding inside a cardboard box. Later, after the Halberd had been involved in several attacks, Snake emerged from his box and began to investigate. During his infiltration of the ship, however, he came across the ship's original owner, Meta Knight, and Meta Knight's partner-in-battle, Lucario. Deciding that discretion would be best at this point, he hid again inside his box. Lucario, though, saw through the box by looking at his aura, and pulled off Snake's disguise. Snake, shocked to see that he had been discovered( an exclamation point appearing above his head along with a sharp beeping sound), quickly assumed a fighting stance, ready to defend himself.

Meta Knight seemed glad to oblige at first, but was interrupted by Lucario, who had sensed security Primids coming from the corridor behind him. Realizing they were all on the same team, Snake decided to join forces with Meta Knight, and help him win back his ship. After battling through the onslaught of Primids and other Subspace-formed enemies, Snake and the others met up with Zelda and Peach. Creatures of Subspace, called Shadow Bugs, made dark shadow-clones of Peach and Zelda, and Snake was forced to fight these doubles. Upon defeating them, Snake freed Peach and Zelda from their cages and left to follow Lucario and Meta Knight, telling the two princesses to stay put.

When they finally reached the bridge of the ship, Snake and the others were shocked to find the ship under the guidance of a group of Mr. Game & Watches. Snake charged in abruptly, knocking all of the Mr. Game & Watches out of the window and on to the front deck of the Halberd. The Mr. Game & Watches reverted into Shadowbugs and combined into a giant metal monster. Lucario and Snake leaped from the bridge, joining Falco, Fox, Sheik, and Peach to battle and defeat the monster. Snake, along with the rest of the Smashers of the World of Trophies, arrived at the entrance of Subspace and, like the rest, he was turned into a trophy by Tabuu's Off Waves attack, but was later revived, thanks to King Dedede's Xanatos Gambit. Along with Samus (armed with her Zero Suit), Sonic, and R.O.B., Snake was able to finally defeat Tabuu, and so end the threat of Subspace once and for all.

This is a role-playing journal by hyper_metal.
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